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The International Center for Autism Research and Education (ICare4Autism), is a 501c3 organization and gratefully accepts the help of volunteers, dedicated to helping the important cause. Volunteers are welcome to send an email of interest through our general inquires box, in the CONTACT section of this website or directly to

  • Volunteer activities inside an ICare4Autism office location include, but are not limited to: social networking, online media, blog writing, making imperative phone calls, writing on various topics and more.

  • Volunteer activities outside of an ICare4Autism office activities include but are not limited to: advisory council participation, writing on various topics, petitioning, helping at fundraising events and more.

  • Types of individuals that can volunteer with ICare4Autism include, but not limited to: Journalists, Researchers, SEO specialists, Fundraisers, Designers, Marketing professionals, Medical Professionals, Educational Professionals, International Relations Professionals, Legal Professionals, University Students, Anyone with a skill that they would like to volunteer time is welcome.

Volunteer applicants can be on an individual basis or a group effort. Volunteers may come in to help one time, multiple times or on a regular basis. We accept volunteers through individuals, local organizations, university/colleges and high schools.

All volunteers will have to fill out basic applicant forms prior to beginning their efforts with the non-profit.

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