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Following a request from local professionals, the ICare4Autism-Pakistan project will increase awareness and diagnosis of autism in Pakistan and develop an Autism Center. Families of children and adults in Pakistan often feel isolated by the lack of knowledge, understanding and services. Exacerbated by stigma, autism remains relatively unknown and icare4autism is working to support those on the ground in changing this.

Some of the project’s key players and their roles include:

  • Deremiah *CPE (USA): aid in the development of customer care

  • Dr. Farah Deeba (Ireland): develop the vision for the Autism Center in Pakistan

  • Naveed Ahmad (Pakistan): head public relations

  • Wazhat Ali (Pakistan): facilitate relationships and key networks to reach key figures in Pakistan


The project is being developed in 3 phases. Phase one includes raising awareness through interviews and printed press. The goal of phase one is for the families to understand that autism is NOT a disease and NOT caused by anything the parents have or have not done with regards to their child. Families will also learn how important an early diagnosis is for their child to begin an early intervention program. Phase two will train the professionals, health care workers, and educators on autism. Phase three will develop an Autism Centre in Islamabad.

Through this wonderful collaboration, ICare4Autism plans to successfully bring awareness and acceptance of autism to Pakistan.

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