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Autism Africa Initiative

Autism awareness in Ghana, Africa

ICare4Autism’s African Autism Awareness and Intervention Initiative Is Gearing Up to Launch Program in Africa.


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Autism awareness and resources are on the rise in Africa with the creation of schools and programs like education solutions 4 kids (above) in Ghana.

ICare4Autism African Autism Awareness and Intervention Initiative

 Due to lack of awareness and diagnosis of autism in Africa, the actual number of people who are unfairly discriminated against, marginalized, and sometimes even imprisoned is unknown, but the number of Africans on the autistic spectrum is estimated to increase by at least 500,000 people in2014 alone. That is 500,000 more children added to untold numbers who will suffer in silence, destined to live on the streets labeled insane or worse.  ICare4Autism is gearing up to fight this tragic injustice the only way we know how – through education and treatment services.

The ICare4Autism African Autism Awareness and Intervention Initiative is led by a talented team of dedicated crusaders overseen by Dr. Ann Mungai, an Adelphi University professor serving on the ICare4Autism advisory panel. Originally from Kenya, Dr. Mungai has the deep understanding of West African culture and political obstacles to make our work there a success.

ICare4Autism’s Africa Autism Awareness Initiative Plan

ICare4Autism aims to empower global leaders to speak out and spread autism awareness globally. We will do this by:

  • Creating early intervention protocols that utilize cellular technologies to make diagnosis tools and treatment information available to the medical community and schools. We believe this will drastically increase the number of children with autism who are identified at an early age to improve their social and verbal skills.

  • Bringing resources to local schools and clinics, making assistance and information available to impoverished families with little to no understanding of their children’s unique needs. They will be brought into the global autism community, given resources and assistance, and learn that they are not alone – that they are not cursed.

  • Raising funding for Autism Awareness and Intervention. We need your help to end the suffering and prejudices facing autistic Africans. Raising an autistic child without resources and a supportive community is more difficult than we can imagine. There isn’t currently anything we can do to prevent autism, but we can prevent the suffering of Autistic children and their families. Please do what you can by donating today.

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