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international computer analysis program (ICAP) for autism

There is a need to globally strengthen communication about medical and educational research and evidence-based practices for people with autism. The International Computer Analysis Program, ICap4Autism, will be a global state-of-the-art real-time database system, serving as a source of information on genetic, environmental, neurobiological, medical and educational research and practice. It will enhance the ability of academic, medical and research institutions worldwide to exchange information, share specialized expertise and collaborate on new investigative initiatives.

The medical community can use ICAP4Autism to apply evidence-based practices, creating the most up-to-date and readily accessible source of information. The system will drive new discoveries of the etiology of autism and possible biological and environmental causes. ICAP4Autism will enable leading researchers, professionals, and families worldwide to share their most current findings, providing employers in every country access to training materials. Information of philanthropic opportunities and programs will be available as well, enhancing the synergy of humanitarian efforts in the autism field.

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