Our faculty includes a team of respectable experts based in New York City Office and a few international partners. Our team has the unique ability to both design and execute innovative programs as well as provide mentorship to health care professionals and families.


Advisory Council

Joshua Weinstein, Ph.D., M.B.A. President & Founder
Eric Hollander, M.D., Chairman
Agatino Battaglia, M.D., ITALY
Alisa G. Woods, Ph.D., M.S., USA
Anne M. Mungai, Ph.D., USA
Beth Diviney, Ph.D., BCBA, USA
Dr. Sunita Maleku Amatya, NEPAL

Dr. Gal Meiri, M.D., ISRAEL

Alan Kadish, M.D., USA
Hakon Hakonarson, M.D., Ph.D., USA
José Humberto Nicolini-Sánchez, M.D., Ph.D., MEXICO
Merry Barua, Action For Autism – National Centre for Autism, INDIA
S. Mariam Aljunied, Ph.D. SINGAPORE
Stefano Pallanti M.D., Ph.D., ITALY
Stephen Shore, Ed. D., USA
Steve Keisman, IDENTIFOR, USA
Wendy Zhang, M.D., CHINA