Up, up and away

December 16, 2016

Speaking of crazy! Whoever came up with the relocation idea must have been crazy. You would think we would be well prepared and have all our things packed ahead… But we simply need to be the folks who subconsciously enjoy being super stressed and frustrated. Anxiety is our new family name, just so you know. Two days prior to our flight across the ocean we were still running around town like some headless chickens, closing all our businesses, cutting off electricity and Internet! That was insane yet necessary – we didn’t want to leave the house with everything on. Of course once all bags were out of the house, we decided to camp out one last time in our old house. Yup, no power, no light, no heating, no YouTube or TV, just us and our LOVE,

bwahaha… Oh, and did I mention the storm of the century with lightening and thunders and flood from the sky? We couldn’t have it any other way. Booboo did NOT appreciate the changes and lack of electricity, when he was trying to switch on the hallway lights… He ran upstairs to our bedroom and realized there was no bed there. Eventually he fell asleep in Daddy Bear’s arms but that was all together a rather traumatic night for him. Well done, APs! Brilliant sentimental idea. 

Then our luggage… Weighing, packing, realizing we had more stuff than we thought. Gave away tons of bags to friends and charity and yet still we were stuck with several suitcases over the limit! Yikes! No biggy, but who will carry all these heavy cases, hold passports and other docs and hold Booboo’s hand at all times? As you can imagine, traveling with an already anxious, frustrated and scared little big man and his baby sis had been a challenge. Flight to London was a dream, as well as staying in a hotel overnight to get some sleep before the final long stretch across the pond. To keep Booboo calm we dropped all our standards and loaded him with gummy bears, crackers and, Lord have mercy, coke! You would think it’d work, huh? It did! We now have a beautiful baby boy with some eye ticks and inappropriate laughter on the plane. Louder and less cooperative. 

I am writing this half way there. Keeping our fingers crossed the last few hours will be calmer for all of us on board. My advice? If you travel with an autistic boy, don’t change your diet and reinforcements. Don’t bend under pressure. Consequences are a killer.