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New Australian Intervention Program Helps Parents of Children With Autism

A free intervention program offered by Australia’s Child Behavior Research Clinic is helping the parents of children with autism manage the daily struggles that come with the diagnosis. Approximately 1 in 70 children in Australia are on the autism spectrum, and often have difficulty with verbal communication, reading social cues, and adapting to change.

To help parents overcome these challenges, the intervention program is offering a free 12-week program that will offer insights into managing day-to-day issues. The program will focus on three critical elements, including managing disruptive behaviors and helping children communicate and connect more effectively. The treatment is being funded by Rotary Australia and the University of Sydney and involves weekly one-hour sessions with a clinical psychologist.

“We still don't know what causes autism at all,” Professor Mark Dadds, Director of the Child Behavior Research Clinic, said. “It's a very complex disorder. It has a largely genetic component."

Dadds said the intervention is crucial due to the mental health problems and divorce rates that are higher in families with autistic children. Equipping parents with the tools to manage the challenges of autism might ensure more positive outcomes for both children and parents.

The Brain and Mind Center, where the therapy sessions take place, is hoping to recruit sixty more families with children between two and six with a confirmed autism diagnosis. The program will then be evaluated by experts to make further improvements. Source:


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