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by Ula Tinsley

Neuro-acupuncture: Our Story

December 17, 2019

Neuro-acupuncture is truly transforming the lives of many patients, including our son’s. This fairly young technique, combining Eastern Chinese Medicine (including Traditional Acupuncture) with Western Neuroscience helps people suffering from Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Neurological disorders, Parkinson’s, Chorea, MS, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain Conditions and Autism. In most cases, the results are visible after just one treatment!

Autism Mama Bear Talk

July 13, 2018

Summer break, chaos and disorder… That pretty much sums up the last month of our family dynamics. I know I have been quiet for the last couple of months. The reason is my new project, which I always wanted to launch. Through my natural stubbornness, perseverance, sweat and tears, Autism Mama Bear Talk streamed its first broadcast on May 7th, 2018! AUTISM MAMA BEAR TALK is a fast-paced interview show bringing informative and everyday inspiring stories from leading autism advocates, self advocates, parents and medical experts.

All About Equine Assisted Therapy Programs

March 08, 2018

I always thought there was only one model of “horse therapy" until I met professionals who work with autistic kids and other patients based on Equine Assisted Therapy Programs.

There are basically three major types that include:

1.       Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

2.       Therapeutic Horseback Riding

3.       Hippotherapy

Birth to Birthdays and A Cake Catastrophe

February 07, 2018

Another birthday, another celebration... Our Booboo Bear turned 11! It feels like yesterday when Mark rushed me to the clinic. We were both excited and terrified at the same time. In all of the panic, we forgot my “hospital bag” with all of the things we needed for the newborn and I. That was quite an adventure, but the pain was all too real. For us both – Mark’s hand experienced some major squeezes. My young, warm, friendly, smiling face morphed into a hideous upside down grin, exposing my “angry” teeth, bloodshot eyes,  and wrinkled nose. I knew right there and then that the man standing by my side was a keeper.

Snow Day, Dreams and Insanity

January 17, 2018

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Leaky gut, allergies and all that fun

December 07, 2017

The results are back. Our poor Booboo has been dealing with a lot of allergies we were not aware of. Basically, all the food that he loves has turned out to be really bad for him; and I had been adding it generously to his “healthy” smoothies practically every single day, convinced I was nourishing him with “super foods”. Who would have thought that “innocent” organic honey, bananas, raisins, eggs or yogurt could be the very source of gut inflammation, huh?


That’s not all. We have discovered a lot of other issues, like higher level of lead in his blood and some serious deficiencies (vitamins B, C, glutathione, some strains of probiotics, etc). As you can imagine, I was shocked reading these results. After all, I have always made sure my boy would get all the supplements he needed [sigh].

Our "normal"

November 16, 2017

My children are strange little creatures living a strange little life together with us. I was talking with Daddy Bear the other day about our “normal.” 


Holiday season is upon us! Just like that! You know… when you turn on the TV and see all these cute family-centered commercials, lady snuggling up under her man’s blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in her hand. There are twinkling lights on a tree somewhere in the background, fire in the fireplace; cheerful yet calming music playing softly, as the happy couple watches their children playing neatly with their new toys and each other.

Harmony and holiday cheer!

Miracles, Awakening and Neuro-Acupuncture

October 30, 2017

October 7th 2017, around 4pm. All I remember is hearing “Get your bags packed! Michael has been approved for neuro-acupuncture treatment in New Mexico. It’s gonna be amazing for you guys!”

We have been in contact with Dr. Sunil Pai, MD for the last two years or so. And yes, we have briefly discussed this fairly contemporary technique, which evolved from a combination of ancient eastern medicine and modern day neuroscience, but I have never thought it would be the very treatment we would go ahead with to help our boy.

One phone call plus huge leap of faith resulted in a miraculous awakening! Planning and booking our trip was exciting in itself, however driving for two days with both of our children in the same car seemed like a pure madness, ha ha.

Low functioning/severe autism about to shine

September 12, 2017

There’s undoubtedly a great need for autism awareness and acceptance, especially when it comes to the less popular yet more common side of the spectrum. Some call it low functioning or severe autism, but I don’t like either of these labels… It’s great that there are TV shows including characters with ASD, but it’s either Rainman or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, if you know what I mean. 

On a Quest to Find Healing

October 16, 2017

Another day on the autism rollercoaster!


School – I guess we can say it’s been OK-ish, however the last few weeks have been difficult. I was trying to figure out the reasons behind Booboo’s regression, aggression and pain. There are many factors that might have contributed to the overall decline, like going to the dentist and having laughing gas mask put on for the first time in his life, ergo brand new sensory stimuli. Perhaps the cherry smell of nitrous oxide was reminding him of the anesthetic that he had received before surgeries in the past; all combined with fear of the possible same traumatic experience and pain… He used to enjoy having his teeth checked and worked on. My gut feeling was telling me to say no to the whole idea of laughing gas experience, but I agreed to use it nonetheless.

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