Healthiness and breaking up with sugar

February 2nd, 2017

It’s been a while since my last update. A lot of things happening… We finally moved into our little cottage in a cute and quiet historical town in NC. It’s so different comparing to Cyprus and the Mediterranean culture in general. Our new routine is me waking up at 6:50am, putting all the lights on, calling everyone to get up and get ready for school. They growl at me, flop on the beds, pull their blankets higher to hide from me and responsibilities, and I lose my mind, ha ha. Since my sweet “wake up” call doesn’t work, I tend to use the underestimated help of my new blender – its noisy smoothie mode does the job! Yup, we’re back to our smoothies. Even little Miss V. joined the “privileged” club and so far had 2 glasses of our green-ish drink. I must say, it would probably be easier to

convince my cats to drink it, but she eventually consumed the content of her glass. All jokes aside, as healthy our Booboo eats, as unhealthy my little girl’s menu is. We’re on a mission to change her dietary habits. She thinks “healthy” food is only for people who are sick or have autism. I had to explain that it prevents us from getting sick and make us stronger and in a better mood. At least she is convinced about the awesome benefits of the essential oils. She took our oil diffuser to her room and put it by her bed, saying it helps her breathe, plus it smells really nice… [Mission accomplished]

Booboo is doing great at school – not too many escape attempts, at least none that I know of. That’s huge!!! He’s visibly happy now. As we drop him off at school, I still walk him to his classroom, but he doesn’t hold my hand. He walks next to me, straight to his locker, takes his jacket off and hangs it in there. Then he walks/ runs into his classroom, skipping and smiling. I have never been more proud of him.

Another milestone is the fact that Booboo sleeps in his own bed, without coming over to ours in the middle of the night. He obviously feels content and at peace with our current life circumstances. So do we, shhhh [not to jinx it]

Since our boy is settled and doing great, I’ve been focusing on helping our little girl to break off this sugar addiction. It’s getting out of control. And sugar is hidden in almost all the foods we get. The other day, as I was firmly encouraging her to finish off her smoothie, she said “I wish healthiness never existed!”. Hmmm, case closed. Time to change my tactics, I think… I was given some awesome advise – to start smoothies with mainly fruit and some honey and gradually reducing the sweet taste and replacing fruit with vegetables. As for cereal, keep the colorful boxes of her favorite brand and replace the content with the organic and sugar free ones. I hope it works!