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Common cold and common sense

October 26, 2016

Is it a car? No! Is it a plane? No! It’s a bronchial cough coming from our bedroom. Flu season is upon us… Started with Miss V. then moved to Booboo and now Daddy Bear too. Don’t ask why, but I just had a revelation that common cold is a lot more common than common sense these days.

I’ve been rather creative and quite busy the last week, clearing the air in our house by diffusing essential oils (frankincense, peppermint, wild orange and rosemary). Besides that I have been preparing vitamin C bomb syrup (freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey in 1:1 ratio) and garlic bread. Yum! My babies have not been impressed, to say the least. But they wanted to be well fast therefore they didn’t argue with me and have been

taking “mama’s medicine” with eyes closed and nose covered. Today they are almost as good as new, thank God!

Over the past few days I have been watching Booboo and the way he was bonding with one of our cats – Kristoff. Wherever Booboo went, Kristoff would follow. It was precious to see this fluffy little thing lying down next to my boy’s head, purring and massaging his back… I’ve heard cats can detect “sick” places on our bodies – they are the best scanners after all. Cats draw out negative energy, and are unbelievably soft in touch (perfect tactile stimuli for sensory experience, ha ha). Yes, I love cats! My little girl feels a bit jealous of all the attention Booboo gets, even from the cats. She’s decided to drag poor things and “pets” them by force, like Elmira from Looney Toons :). Cat meowing can be heard between the coughing sprees… The terrifying thing about my boy getting sick is that he is not able to tell me what exactly is bothering him. The good thing is that he knows to come to me and let me know he needs help. Moments like these make me want to find a better way to help him communicate with us…

Speaking of that, I am really excited about AutiZmo robot. It has been designed by a young lady with a genius autistic mind, Dr. Catherine Demetriades. If this robot gets released, it could be a breakthrough in autism research and development – especially for families of non-verbal kids on the spectrum. AutiZmo robot has been designed to “scan” an autistic child and detect what he or she is feeling and thinking, so the robot could translate that to child’s parents. Check it out: What’s amazing about this invention is the fact that Dr. Demetriades and other scientists involved in this project want AutiZmo to be affordable to average family, and not only to the rich. Don’t you wish we had more scientists like them?

We should never lose hope, folks!

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