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Since we were children, we were always told that “sharing is caring.” Does this still apply in the world of adulthood? In the work field, many people see each other as competition in their career. In the scientific world, this is not the case. Researchers openly share information and data in order to boost each other’s studies. A database just made autism research a lot easier by making a collection of data from over 2000 families.


The Simons Foundation launched the Simons Simplex Collection for free, across the globe, through the online WuXi NextCODE Exchange. The collection showcases information for over 2600 children with autism spectrum disorder, including their family histories and their genome histories.


The information from the database will allow researchers to use online analysis tools and examine genomes of children with ASD and their families’. They are also able to able to see public reference datasets as well as ASD gene and variant lists.


The database has also been used for shared analyzing and comments on a shared platform that can be accessed by scientists from all over the world. It used to only be available for the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative members, but now is accessible to non SFARI affiliates.


Simons Foundation is an institution that gives grants to support collaborations between scientific and mathematical research. The project was originally a partnership between Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative and NextCode, but NextCode was bought by WuXi PharmTech.


Louis Reichardt, director of the Simons Foundation Autism Research, is excited to see the data spread throughout the scientific and autism research field.


“The SSC was conceived and has succeeded as a large-scale, open access discovery engine,” Reichardt said. “We are excited to be partnering with WuXi NextCode to realize the next phase in the SSC’s potential by making it directly accessible to the autism community worldwide.”


Access can be granted to users by contacting either WuXi NextCode or the Simons Foundation about training or applying online at


For more information, check out the sources for this post, Bio-ItWorld and Genome Web.


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