Kefir and Best days of our lives!

As promised before, I wanted to share results of our little experiment that we’ve started not too long ago.

Knowing Jake has very sensitive digestive system, we decided to give it a go with natural organic KEFIR (click on this link to read more about kefir). We all know how beneficial fermented foods are for our bellies. Well, we tried sauerkraut last year (and he was eating it every day till my surgery, which broke the routine and we never fully got back to it!). We had ups and downs, feeling like there have been way more downs than ups recently, but then we were reminded – IT’S ALL IN THE GUT!

Our immune system starts in our gut! The better our digestive system functions, the healthier we are. So we tried kefir 🙂 I am giving it to Booboo (Jake’s nickname) with a syringe (like a medicine) because he will accept anything that’s “odd” as long as I label it “MEDICINE”. So there you go! I’m sure you can find your own way to give this stuff to your picky eaters. Start with small doses – adding kefir to mashed potatoes or soups, sauces etc… or if they like yogurts, add some there. Make sure you don’t heat or cook it, because then all trillions of good bacteria will be killed!

School year has been pretty good so far. Jake had a few “bad” days but in general I believe he’s improving drastically. The other day, he grabbed his homework notepad and brought it to me, asking to do his homework with my supervision – it’s amazing! And he seems to be more interested in drawing again (which used to be his favorite thing in the whole world!). He’s keeping eye contact for longer and tries to verbalize his desires more, as well as using PECS and sentence strips correctly! I’m truly amazed!

And we DANCED for the longest time, just me and my boy – laughing, hugging and crying (OK, just me crying part because I am a softy, shhh)

Our church family prayed for us and especially our handsome dude – crying, fasting, pleading with God to help him. I tell you what! It works! Us, as parents can get really down sometimes and feel like our prayers don’t go anywhere. It’s good to ask other believers to pray! I heard someone saying one day: “Even if you don’t believe in God or power of prayer, go to some Bible believing church and ask people there to put your autistic child on their prayer list, and pray for him/ her until you get your prayers answered. ‘Cause prayer of the faithful avails a lot!”

I am going a bit crazy with making photo albums these days – reminiscing the good times…

So here’s a song I love “Best day of my life” by American Authors, accompanied by the photographs of THE BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES 🙂 Enjoy!

Love you all dearly and pray God will grant the desires of your hearts.

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