Barber and Child Make the Final Cut

UK- Over the past few days a heartwarming photo and story has been taken social media by storm. It depicts a barber cutting a little boy’s hair- while lying on the floor. Mason, who was recently diagnosed with Autism, was unwilling to be touched on certain areas by a barber, which had made past haircuts quite difficult. Fortunately, his parents Jamie Lewis and Denine Davis, were referred to patient and determined James Williams. Williams spent months working with Mason, and tried different approaches to giving him a trauma-free haircut.

On Wednesday, Williams uploaded a Facebook photo and described the experience of working with young Mason. In seeking different ways to cut Mason’s hair, Williams said “he wouldn’t allow me to go near one of his ears” and that Mason “would run away if he wasn’t up to it.”


Photos showed Williams lying on the floor with the child, gently clipping away as Mason scrolls through a smartphone calmly without any discomfort. The post, which has been shared almost 900 times and gained over 4,000 likes, demarcates a victory and an end to a special journey. Williams finally finished cutting Mason’s hair.

james-williams-1-435Williams tells about the long road to the cut, and how he wanted to share both his and little Mason’s achievement.

“The experience was amazing, and after I [lay] on the floor to cut [Mason’s] hair, I just had to post it to humor myself. I just couldn’t believe I was cutting hair in that position.”

Williams, who has experience working with children, says that working with Mason was similar to working with other children.

“Mason is a happy child. When he comes to my shop, he plays on his phone which seems to calm him and take his mind off everything else.”

Though impressed with his accomplishment, Williams is humble and recognizes that there are many barbers and stylist who know how to work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“They deserve the credit as much as me. I’m just thrilled to have put my village on the map and to [have reached] so many families”

Williams is quick to acknowledge Mason’s courage and milestone achievement.

“Mason is the superstar for [taking] such a great step [by] having his first proper haircut.”

When working with children with ASD, patience and creativity go hand in hand. Sometimes it takes a flexibility and willingness to meet the child halfway and make the final cut.

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