Autism Insurance Coverage May Soon be a Reality in North Carolina

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In North Carolina, a bill that would require insurance companies to cover costs for autism treatment is in the process of being signed into law.

In the past, coverage for autism treatment has mostly been through efforts of the Senate. However, with recent help from Senator Tom Apodaca from Henderson, bills like this one are being passed easily and more often. Apodaca’s bill passed with a voice vote from the House Insurance Committee. 

And he is not the only House politician showing support. Another Representative, Chuck McGrady, says that we are past the point of arguing on bills regarding autism treatment.

The bill states that eligible children would receive up to $40,000 per year for autism treatment until their 18th birthday. Lorri Unumb, the vice president of state government affairs for Autism Speaks, says that a year of applied behavioral analysis costs an average of $14,000. She mentioned that only children with severe autism would need up to $40,000 worth of treatment.

In order to qualify for coverage, the treatments must have been demonstrated to be effective in published studies, in addition to being ordered by a licensed physician or psychologist. Unfortunately in North Carolina, behavioral analysts are not considered licensed professionals, but other bills are being worked on to clear that.

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By Sejal Sheth

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