Tikko: The International Autism Ambassador

tiny tourist for autism

Eleven-year-old Dorian Poe has an ambitious goal – to spread autism awareness throughout the world. But at such a young age he isn’t able to travel as much as he would like- so he did the next best thing and sent one of his dearest friends on an adventure.

Tikko is an adorable stuffed Webkin Polar Bear from the North Pole who dons a t-shirt with the words “Autism. It’s ok to be different.”

When Dorian was younger he suffered from symptoms common to those with autism. Symptoms such as a tic disorder, aggressive behavior, anxiety, and constant meltdowns were all a part of his life. It was very difficult for awhile, but with persistence and love from those around him, Dorian was able to overcome the symptoms.

Now he is symptom free, drug free, and excelling at school. Dorian and his mother, Christine, now have a message they wish to share with others. They hope people will start looking beyond the label of Autism and see that children with ASD are very gifted and have the ability to transform the world.

In 2013 Tikko packed his bags and left his hometown of Ontario, Canada for his great journey around the world. With him is a letter from Dorian outlining some characteristics of Autism. Once a new person gets Tikko in the mail they are asked to help raise awareness about Autism in their community by sharing Dorian’s message.

Within less than a year, the furry tourist met dozens of people in over 24 countries and is still making his way to even more places. Many have posted their encounters with Tikko on social media. From New York to New Mexico and even in Kenya, children and adults from different backgrounds have now helped raise awareness for autism.

Dorian and his mother would like to create an international outlet for Autism Awareness by uniting people around the world through unconditional love, compassion, and hope. Christine has received letters from people who are affected autism in their own lives, and also from others who have never heard of it before. Both have thanked her for the positive messages and the awareness they share with others.

If you’d like to participate please visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tikkotravels/ or follow them on twitter www.twitter.com/tikkotravels. 

Written by Raiza Belarmino

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