Companies Actively Hiring Workers with Autism

companies who hire autistic workers

Finding employment can be a difficult task but is crucial to gaining independence in adulthood. It’s no surprise that adults with autism struggle to obtain gainful employment, although they often have exceptional talents in artistry, numbers and technology.

Although the disorder is still misunderstood by so many, some companies have begun actively searching for those whose talents will greatly benefit their business. Blogger Paige turner of The Autism Site calls it the Autism Advantage.

Below is a list of companies and organizations that either hire for their facilities or will connect you with others who do.

  • Walgreens: In 2007, former Executive Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics started the movement to hire people with autism in their South Carolina distribution center. Now a significant number of their employees have some type of physical or cognitive disability. In 2012, he set a new goal for the company to fill at least 20% of the company’s distribution center jobs by hiring individuals with a disability including autism.
  • The Badger Mountain Orchard Company located in Kennewick, Washington has modified their interviews to be more autism-friendly. Since then, they have found success working with these employees because they are more loyal to their jobs.
  • Specialisterne has locations around the world and have business consultants who advise on software testing, programming, and data entry for public and private sectors.
  • The Specialists Guild is non for profit organization in San Francisco that help individuals with autism find meaningful work.
  • NonPareil Institute offers technical training in the field of video game and app design and development.
  • Aspiritech in Chicago offers a program to run quality assurance tests on software for tech development businesses.
  • Nobis Works has job training and placement for those in the Georgia area.

Here at ICare4Autism we have started the Global Workforce Initiative that offers training, vocational, and employment services for many individuals across the spectrum. One of the biggest things we focus on is the transitional period between school and entering the workforce. We try to help to find jobs in a good environment that best suits their abilities. We work closely with many businesses around the world to create effective training practices best fitting for the strengths of people on the autism spectrum. The objective for the initiative is to provide innovative, high quality work opportunities within the private sector.

Written by Raiza Belarmino

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