Google Genomics and the Way of the Future

Google genomics

Autism is not an isolated problem; it occurs globally. With such a vast proclivity, it is no wonder that researchers have struggled so much to firmly conclude some of their studies. There is simply too much variability between subjects. Google is about to change all of that.

With their initiative, Google Genomics, the company hopes to foster international research via a mass base of data, provided by their Cloud engine. In doing so, they are revolutionizing research because data regarding the same subjects can now be accessed for multiple studies. As a result, researchers will not have to spend as much time worrying about gathering subjects and can instead focus on the research itself.

This effort is sponsored through the funding of a group called Mssng. This group currently sponsors a multitude of genomic studies in the hopes that compiling genetic data will decrease the time it takes to diagnose, thereby maximizing treatment efforts.

This past month, the GoogleDrive for this project released its first 1,000 genomic entries. Soon, they intend to bolster that number to 10,000. With the recent increase in genetic studies regarding autism, this mode of research could be key to identifying autism’s interplay within families and decreasing its future inheritability.

Though this project is new and has a far way to go, representatives at Google strongly believe that “this will enable us to make discoveries and drive innovation faster than ever.”

Sara Power, Fordham University

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