Film Director Casts Actors with Autism for Authenticity

actors with autism

Director Jesse Cramer is not only opening the world to new perspectives on autism in his movie “Circles,” but also an incredible opportunity: professional acting for children with autism.

Cramer, who has worked with children on the spectrum for the past several years, wanted to add a new layer of authenticity to his script, which centers itself on the emotional experience of a young boy whose friend is moving away. The main character has trouble expressing his feelings, which is a trait common within ASD.

Sam Seidel plays the main character, Ollie, in “Circles.” Sam, similarly to his character, was born with autism and faces obstacles on a daily basis. He was one of more than 100 kids that auditioned for the role. Of those chosen for the cast, nearly all of the the film’s actors are autistic.

On working with such a unique cast, Cramer has said that “The entire crew keeps coming up to me and saying these actors are the best actors (they) ever worked with because they want to be here so badly.” Part of the reason they are so good is because they are essentially acting out their own experiences. What occurs on camera seems real is because it is real: a unique element few directors can claim about their movies.

There is no official date for the film’s release but its message about the struggles with autism and emotions is sure to leave quite the impact on audiences.

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