Marcia Scheiner, an Excellent Leader in the Autism Workforce Movement

Marcia Scheiner discusses developments in the autism workforce movement on the first day of the ICare4Autism conference.

The first day of the ICare4Autism International Autism Conference was dedicated to Global Autism Workforce Initiatives, and these initiatives were supported by a fantastic presentation that was delivered by Marcia Scheiner. Ms. Scheiner is the Founder and President of the Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership (ASTEP), and is dedicated to the development of workforce programs that include those on the autism spectrum. Her presentation, Becoming an Autism-Friendly Employer, provided exceptional reasons why it is in every company’s best interest to integrate autistic individuals into their workforce.

Ms. Scheiner’s organization, ASTEP, is dedicated to suiting individuals in competitive-employment roles that highlight their strengths. ASTEP’s mission is to increase the quality of life for individuals with Asperger Syndrome by helping them become successfully employed. ASTEP focuses on solving individual challenges that many autistics face when they attempt to begin work, such as lack of support on the job or lack of understanding from co-workers. At ASTEP, employers are given a business-driven needs assessment and hiring plan, as well as other training models and methods towards becoming an autism-friendly organization. Furthermore, the company provides training for the individual, such as helping them with interviewing and social skills, and ongoing support.

According to Ms. Scheiner, all organizations should begin to develop regulatory and compliance requirements, such as having a specific percentage of their workforce consist of disabled employees. With the autism diagnosis rate being so high in the United States, it is absolutely essential for companies to implement programs that incorporate a significant amount of individuals touched by autism and other disorders.

Marcia Scheiner is an exceptional leader in the autism workforce movement. Her presentation provided the information that some people needed to motivate them to take the necessary steps to create opportunities for those on the autism spectrum. ICare4Autism thanks Ms. Scheiner for her developments with ASTEP, as the organization is incredibly dedicated to providing support for those with autism, and making the strides necessary for the autism workforce to grow.

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