Chicago Company Employs Many Individuals with Autism Disorders

The ICare4Autism International Autism Conference will be discussing one of the biggest challenges facing adults with Autism, which is the transition out of high school and attempting to join the workforce. The Global Autism Workforce Initiative focuses on the development of transition plans for Autistic adults as they finish school, as well as programs that integrate Autistic individuals into workplaces. Although the Autistic community still faces challenges upon finding employment, there are several organizations that have consciously created programs to help Autistics use their strengths to bring value to the company, including AutonomyWorks in Chicago.

David Friedman, Founder and CEO of AutonomyWorks, has a 19-year-old son on the Autism spectrum, which sparked his mission to employ thousands of individuals with Autism disorders. At AutonomyWorks, people with unique talents and abilities are hired to deliver high-quality, cost-competitive business Process Execution services for companies of all sizes. The company strives to identify, enable, and empower the exceptional individuals of the Autistic community.

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Karrie Pece, Director of Talent for the company, states, “At AutonomyWorks, it is our goal to employ as many individuals with Autism and disabilities as possible. We do this by focusing on abilities, not disabilities. Everything from our work processes to our office environment is designed with intentionality and with the purpose of helping out associates to be successful.” She continues, “Over the past year, we have proven to our clients that our associates are not only equal to their current solutions, but superior; they are faster, more accurate, and highly productive.”

The employed individuals, referred to as Associates, are empowered by working in areas of their expertise. This includes a custom working environment, suited for their specific needs. AutonomyWorks also offers a sensory room, as well as opportunities for additional training and assistance. The company’s current goal is to create a 300-person center in the next few years in Chicago, as well as expand centers to several parts of the U.S.

The ICare4autism International Autism Conference will be taking place in NYC in just a few days! The Global Autism Workforce Initiative will be discussed on June 30th, and features presentations such asBecoming an Autism-Friendly Employer: A Model for Success, presented by Marcia Scheiner, President and Founder of the Asperger Syndrome Training and Employment Partnership. To attend this incredible conference, please select your tickets here. The conference is only a few days away, and early bird ticket specials are still available! This is an event you will not want to miss!

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