JP Morgan Adds Autism Benefits for Employees

Michael Giangregorio, Vice President in U.S. Fixed Income at JPMorgan Chase, has a son diagnosed with autism. This new plan will provide him access to treatments like Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Starting January 2014, JP Morgan Chase& Co. is adding autism-related benefits to their employee health plan. The company will now cover behavior therapies such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) for employees and their families.

ABA is a treatment method that encourages positive, social behaviors through consistent reinforcement and monitoring.

“For many years, my son was unable to receive the necessary treatments he needs, due to a lack of insurance treatment coverage,” said Michael Giangregorio, Vice President in U.S. Fixed Income at JP Morgan Chase. “This change will allow us to provide a therapy that will help him prosper.”

According to John Donnelly, the company’s head of Human Resources, JP Morgan frequently reviews and revises their benefit programs in order to best suit the needs of their employees.

“I am particularly pleased about this new benefit,” he says. “I have been actively involved in helping children with autism as a supporter of Heeling Autism, a program sponsored by Guiding Eyes for the Blind that enhances safety, companionship and opportunities for independence for autistic children.”

Given that one in 88 children are diagnosed with autism, JP Morgan says they are excited to assist the children of their employees by providing them access to treatment.

“With almost 160,000 employees enrolled in our U.S. medical plan, we are confident that this important new offering will change the lives of many of our employees,” says Stephen Cutler, JPMorgan Chase General Counsel and Advisor to Access Ability, the firm’s Business Resource Group (BRG) for employees affected by disabilities.

For more information on Applied Behavioral Analysis, please visit:


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