An Art Project with ICare4Autism

Dr. Weinstein, Founder and CEO of ICare4Autism with Jang Won Nam, President of Goodi’s, Inc.

Goodi’s, a Korean based company that developed the KIMU Kidult Museum program, has begun a new partnership with ICare4Autism.  The goal of Goodis is to collaborate with students with disabilities to create art for commercial use. The goal of this work is to raise awareness about disorders such as autism as well as to promote the use of art therapy.

Art therapy is an effective tool for children with autism given that it’s a hands-on, visual activity. It is known to increase communication and social skills, while nurturing the child’s sense of creativity and individuality.

The Goodi’s team visited ICare4Autism’s affiliated school, Shema Kolainu- Hear Our Voices, where students enjoyed creating drawings and paintings that could potentially be various design projects. Artwork varied from student to student; some creating classic scenes of children playing, while others drew more “abstract” scenes.

Art therapy is a popular and effective concept at ICare4Autism. At our benefit for autism research and education held on Thursday November 14, paintings done by Hear Our Voices students where auctioned off for charity, the highest selling for $200.

According to the KIMU Kidult Museum website, this art-based project and therapy works because, “their genuine, hearts and minds, untainted by the world, produce unreplicable works, as Picasso once did.”

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