Brain protein mutation linked to autism

Researchers at Auckland University’s Centre for Brain Research  revealed that they found a genetic mutation in people with autism that cuts communication between brain cells to about one-tenth  of normal levels.

The research discovered  a protein which helps brain cells transmit data through neurological  pathways called synapses was mutated in those with autism. they believe that this presents a probable justification for their cognitive and behavioral difficulties.

Johanna Montgomery, primary researcher, said the mutated protein, called Shank3, provided inspiring promise in the investigation for autism treatments.

Montgomery indicated that although treatment “is years away we now know how it works, we  know what goes wrong, so let’s try to figure out a way to fix it.” “Now we’ve got a focus for how we actually rescue this protein, to make it work appropriately again so that brain cells can communicate at the right levels.”

The Journal of Neuroscience published  the two-year study that was done by the Centre for Brain Research and Stanford University in the United States. Montgomery indicated that Researchers were starting to understand the intricate factors  behind the autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which normally appear as learning difficulties, lack of socialization and repetitive behaviors. According to Montgomery, the condition was becoming more widespread, in part to more efficient diagnosis, with the CDC stating it affects 1 in 88 children.

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    Hi, i have an autistic son. I do medical art/animation, how can I get involved, to better my son and people like him, by showing, visually the neuro problems that exist here?

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