2010 International Autism Conference: Speakers Recap

On July 5-6, 2010, thirty speakers connected at one conference to educate attendees from around the globe on autism. This grand conference was held in Jerusalem at the Ramada- Renaissance and kept the autism community a buzz. Check out photos, bios and more info from the event, in the following article.

Speakers for the event, in alphabetical order, included: Kenneth J. Aitken, PhD. (Scotland), Dafna Ben Bashat, Ph.D. (Canada), Esther Ben Yitzchak, Ph.D. (Israel), Doreen Ben Shalom, Ph.D. (Israel), Agantino Battaglia, M.D, DNeurol (Italy), Yoram Bonneh, Ph.D. (Israel), W. Ted Brown, M.D, Ph.D. (USA), Eitan Eldar, Ph.D., BCBA-D (Israel), Kenneth D. Gadow, Ph.D (USA), Eynat Gal, Ph.D. (Israel), Doreen Granspeesheh, Ph.D., BCBA, Lior Greenbaum, MD (Israel), Tal Kenet, Ph.D. (USA), Yoav Kohn, M.D. (Israel), Dhavendra Kumar, M.D. (Wales, UK), Amos Rolidor, Ph.D., BCBA (Israel), Lauren Schreibman, Ph.D. (USA), Stephen von Tetzchner, Ph.D (Israel), Sigal Tidhar Paz, MA, BCBA (Israel), Tamar Weiss, Ph.D. (Israel), Ditza Zachor, M.D. (Israel), Gil Zalsman, M.D. (Israel), Ofer Zeevy (Israel), and Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, M.D. (Canada).

Eric Hollander, M.D. – USA


Eric Hollander, M.D. – USA

Eric Hollander, M.D., is an internationally recognized psychiatrist and former Esther and Joseph Klingenstein Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Director of the Seaver and Greater New York Autism Center of Excellence. He is the Chairman of The International Center for Autism Research and Education’s Advisory Board. He is also the Chair of Psychiatry at Montefiore Medical Center.

Dr. Hollander is known for his work with oxytocin. To read about him and his comments in the news, click on the following links: Daily News, Newsweek, Washington Post, The Epoch Times.

Presentation Title: Neuropsychopharmacology of Autism Symptom Domains.



Eli Hatchwell, M.D., PhD

Dr. Eli Hatchwell records a message for online conference viewers.

Dr. Eli Hatchwell is a Medical Geneticist and Molecular Genetics scientist who studies a variety of childhood disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Congenital Heart Disease and a number of lesser known but important conditions. Dr. Hatchwell was among the first to discover the phenomenon of copy number variation in normal human beings, and specializes in the use of copy number variation for his study of human genetic disorders.

View his bio: Click here, Watch him on CNN: Click here

Presentation Title: Modern Approaches to the Study of the Genetics of Autism.


Ken Aitken M.A., MPhil, PhD – Scotland

Ken Aitken M.A., MPhil, PhD – Scotland

Dr. Aitken is a clinical neuropsychologist and researcher with a particular interest in neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly in those conditions that result in differences in social interaction and development such as the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and the Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. He has been a Trustee and a Director of the Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and has contributed to a number of UK best practice guidelines in this area.

Read more about him: Click here

Presentation Title: Intersubjectivity, Affective Neuroscience, and the Neurobiology of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.



Agatino Battaglia, M.D., DPed, DNeurol – Italy


Agatino Battaglia

Agatino Battaglia, M.D., DPed, DNeurol is a contract professor of Child Neuropsychiatry at the Post-Graduate Medical School in Child Neuropsychiatry, at the University of Pisa.

Presentation Title: Genetics: Inverted Dup 15/idic(15).

Abstract: Chromosome region 15q11q13, known for its instability, is highly susceptible to clinically relevant genomic rearrangements, such as supernumerary marker chromosomes formed by the inverted duplication of proximal chromosome 15. Inv dup(15) results in tetrasomy 15p and partial tetrasomy 15q. Those containing the Prader-Willi/Angelman syndrome critical region (PWS/ASCR), are responsible for the inv dup(15) or idic(15) syndrome. The syndrome displays distinctive clinical findings represented by early central hypotonia, developmental delay and intellectual disability, epilepsy, and autistic behaviour. Incidence at birth is estimated to be 1 in 30,000 with a sex ratio of almost 1. Developmental delay and intellectual disability affect all individuals and are usually moderate to profound. Expressive language is absent or very poor; and often echolalic. Comprehension is very... CLICK HERE to read in Full



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Yuri Geiron, President of Israel bar Assoc., receives award from Dr. Joshua Weinstein. Photo by Wallace Karabee

Dr. Joshua Weinstein (Founder/President, ICare4Autism) speaks with Ruth Amber Gristak (Chief of Staff, ICare4Autism). Photo RON URIEL



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