Mother Attempt’s to Disown Adopted Autistic Child

(Photo by Flickr/D Sharon Pruitt)

In 1999, a Romanian woman named Mihaela Popa adopted an 18-month old little girl who had been abandoned by her parents.  At the time of the adoption, Popa believed that the child was healthy, and had received a certificate to confirm that.  She had no way of knowing that shortly after the adoption, the child would be diagnosed with autism.

Now, 10 years after, Popa wants to “cancel the adoption because I was not told about the child’s real condition as I was entitled to.”

Popa blames doctors who did not inform her that the child was diagnosed with autism, although the girl’s autism was not discovered until 6 months after she had been adopted. She has taken to the court to have the adoption overturned.  However, Romanian law states that adoptions can only be canceled if it is in the interest of the child.

As of 2008 Popa had the girl, now a teenager, institutionalized after deciding that she could no longer look after herPopa institutionalized the girl after she had given birth to her own child.

Svetlana Mihulet, a child protection spokeswoman had this to say on the subject:

“The adoptive mother announced to us she wanted to cancel the adoption. A trial is under way.  This is a very delicate case. Our only goal is to defend the child’s superior interest.

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