Stem Cells Help Boy with Autism in Greece

(Photo By Flickr / x o x o l i c i o u s)

Scientific studies in Greece have been using stem cells found in bone marrow and abdominal fat to treat children with autism. With evidence, from results in a young 9-year-old boy named Yannis, the doctors involved are preparing a protocol to submit to the Ministry of Health to prove the autism treatment.

Yannis is the son of physician Dr. Solmos and had been diagnosed with autism but never responded to standard treatments. Dr. Solmos commented, “My Boy has simply not been able to speak to me on the phone before.”

At Kratiko Nikaias Hospital young Yannis underwent a hour long mini-liposuction procedure for the stem cells of his abdominal fat. Using this cheap and quick harvesting technique, developed by bio -tech company AdiStem, the abdominal stem cells were singled out and activated. These stem cells were then intravenously returned to Yannis, so his body would not reject them.

Merely one month later Dr. Solmos says of his son, “His school tells me his attention has improved. We experience him nearer to us and he feels us. I see a change in his ability to connect with other children. He plays with them now, which he used to avoid. He has also become more interested in letters and numbers.”

To treat Yannis, AdiStem has borrowed methods previously used to treat blood disorders and repair damaged tissue.  Adistem’s new innovations also include treating type II diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Because the procedure borrows stem cells from one area of the body and places them in another, it avoids ethical issues.

Still, Terry Grossman, M.D., a stem cell research from Colorado who witnessed Yannis’ progress remains skeptical, “Further studies are needed, but it is possible that stem cell therapy will soon be available as a powerful new tool to help children with autistic spectrum disorders.”

For more information on this story, please check back. The International Center for Autism Research and Education (ICare4Autism) will continue to post on this topic, as new details are received. Official link to autism news website:

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