ICARE, EXCLUSIVE: Chile’s Earthquake Shakes Autism Community

I have received the official statements made by United States President Barack Obama, and Chile President Michelle Bachelet on the earthquake in Chile. However, at this time no statement has been made pertaining to the welfare of the children with autism that reside in the areas affected. I am greatly concerned for the well being of all children with special needs in that area.

Image is Courtesy of the New York Times

According to an Official Statement, made by the White House, President Obama spoke with President Michelle Bachelet to express his condolences for the losses Chile suffered as a result of the tragic earthquake.  The President commended President Bachelet for the Chilean government’s response to the disaster and recognized Chile’s capacity and expertise in responding to earthquakes.

Joshua Weinstein, Ph.D., M.B.A., Founder and President of the International Center for Autism Research and Education, (ICare4Autism) gave made an anticipated statement to the press.

“My heart goes out to all the Chile residents who endured the quake and are left picking up the pieces,” said Dr. Weinstein.

Obama later reiterated that the United States stands ready to assist the Chilean government’s rescue and recovery efforts. President Bachelet thanked President Obama for his call, and said that she would be in touch should Chile require any support.

Following this statement, I received further notification that President Obama would soon make another announcement.

“The United States stands ready to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts, and we have resources that are positioned to deploy should the Chilean government ask for our help,”  said Obama.

According to multiple reports, from creditable sources, the areas in Chile affected by the earthquake include: Santiago, Rancagua, Talca, Dichato, The Valparaiso Region (Main Seaport), Juan Fernández Islands and Concepción. Concepcion is home to the University of Concepcion (Universidad de Concepción). This University is home of much research. This university also has a department that includes matters of autism. This is learned through the Alasbinmn Journal. To view the journal, CLICK HERE.

According to the New York Times- online, there was at least 31 people were killed in Concepcion (the Bio-Bio region). The online report also reported that a major bridge was destroyed and several buildings collapsed, including one where 60 people are reported missing. The NY Times also estimated that sixty thousand were affected in the city and said that tsunami waves hit nearby city of Talcahuano.

As an International Center for Autism Research & Education, reporters here at ICare4Autism, will be continuing to report on this devastating series of events. Please continue to check back to the official website www.icare4autism.org.

According to www.earthquake.usgs.gov these are the most recent earthquakes in Chile.

Time                            Magnitude                 Location

7:15am EST                 6.1                              Maule, Chile (Map)

2/27/10                        6.9                              Off the coast of Bio-Bio, Chile (Map)

2/27/10                        8.8                              Offshore Maule, Chile

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