Canadian Program Monitors Language Acquisition in Autistic Youth

An important article on Medical News Today discusses the Language Use Inventory (LUI) project, a parent questionaire that helps evauluate language acquisition patterns in children with autisim.

The program was created by a developmental psychologist out of Canada’s University of Waterloo, Daniella O’Neill.  According to O’Neill:

The LUI looks at pragmatic language development which has do with how young children are able to use their language effectively and successfully in everyday interactions with other people in ways that are age-appropriate and typical. For example, to ask for help, comment about noticeable things, tease, tell stories and give others information they might need. The pragmatics of language can be an area of great difficulty for children with autism.

A parent has had the most experience watching their child try to use their language in a host of different settings and with many different people.

Akin to height and weight charts used by doctors, the LUI will allow parents a barometer to measure the development of their children.  The LUI tracks autistic children and their peers at all levels, facilitating an impressive data set that does not presently exist.

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