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“Our mission is to catalyze the breakthrough innovations needed to tackle global autism.”

– Dr. Joshua Weinstein, Founder & CEO. Learn more » 

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Donations help support the mission of ICare4Autism. Help us raise awareness, support research and provide specialized education for children with Autism. Make a Donation »

Moving Science Forward

Dr. Eric Hollander, Director, Spectrum Neuroscience and Treatment Institute at Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Read about Dr. Hollander's current research evaluating new approaches for diagnosing and treating autism. Clinical Trials »

Giuliana's Journey

Today's post: Where it all began: Ollie

As promised , I would like to share a little more about my courageous , amazing son who exploded through the myths and negative limitations surrounding his ASD , is blazing a trail and inspiring so many . As my work began with him , it seems only fitting that I begin with him here . Read more »

Dr. Weinstein Goes to Israel

Read more about Dr. Joshua Weinstein's (CEO and Founder of ICare4Autism) visit to the Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) in Raanana, Israel. Here's more about his visit »

A Mothers Diary

Today's post: Coming out of the "A" cloud

I am pleased to report that pneumonia is just a bad memory now. No more antibiotics for a while (touch wood!). Not sure if it’s the increased dose of fish oil or Mg supplements with increased probiotics (to protect bowel and stomach lining damaged by antibiotics) but Booboo not only started drawing more, but also singing every single day! He used to sing with me a lot and now it’s coming back! I’m so excited. Continue reading A Mothers Diary »

Free Workshop: Bullying: Practical solutions for eradicating bullying for individuals with autism D

Dr. Stephen Shore
Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education, Adelphi University

A great majority of people with autism experience bullying in school, in the community, and even into adulthood resulting in possible life-long negative implications such as lowered self-esteem, difficulties in relationships, and depression. This presentation will focus on informing parents, educators, clinicians, and others on how to identify and eradicate bullying on the individual, classroom, and school-wide levels. Learn more about our Upcoming Workshop »