Time to let the cubs go free

January 10th, 2016

As hard as it was to leave the school this morning, I was happy to see Booboo Bear happily getting in his classroom. He loves his teachers and new friends. Especially one cute girl there. She’s so delicate and polite… I personally thanked her several times yesterday and today for being such a good friend to Booboo.

It’s a totally new academic system to all of us. First of all, it’s a public school. Huge blessing, especially with all the services that they provide for their students! Secondly, students do not get one-to-one assistants, unless their medical condition requires that. Thirdly, program/ curriculum is still followed but in a more flexible manner. Kids are allowed to stim (walk, jump, twist on the chair, drum, clap etc.) in order to focus on their tasks. There are group and individual sessions. They get to spend good time outdoors if the weather permits, which is awesome! Putting that energy into a good use, while absorbing valuable vitamin D, straight from the sun.

Yesterday was our official first full day… I say OUR because I kind of extended my “farewell” till the dismissal bell. Thankfully the school staff was very understanding and didn’t kick me out. This Mama Bear was super anxious – probably more than Booboo, ha ha. I just wanted to see the “routine” and observe what the possible risk factors are. I couldn’t be more proud of my boy! He had so much fun in the gym, checking out his new friends and teachers. Yes he ran away a few times but school premises are fairly secure (high fencing all around it, so unlikely he’d run onto the main road). By the way, I fell in love with other students. Felt really good when they showed me attention and affection… It would be a dream to work with them! They are all super smart – each of them in different areas. The most rewarding occupation in my opinion… I might actually use my master degree one day. Wow! It just hit me! I would be doing what I love and what I studied for so many years…

Today was Booboo’s first day without overprotective, overly anxious and panicky Mama Bear hanging around. I was planning on staying in till the end of the week but changed my mind after seeing how well he was doing without me. His teachers are phenomenal and so sweet! They knew I was pulling my hair out worrying about leaving him alone, so they had sent me emails and MMS with pictures, reassuring me he was doing great. I bet he’ll fall asleep on the way home when we pick him up, like he did yesterday.

The future looks bright again! I don’t want to jinx it, but I really feel it could be the best year of our family life!