Therapy cat, insomnia and reset button

November 8, 2016

Booboo and Kristoff relaxing

Once again, I will praise the therapeutic quality of cats and one in particular – our gorgeous Kristoff, a.k.a. the complete cat. Sven, his twin brother, is our incomplete cat due to lack of a tail. So now you know. When everything seemed to be triggering Booboo’s tantrums and occasional meltdowns, Kristoff would come and lay down right next to him, purring and putting his paws on our boy’s legs. I’ve seen such behaviors with certified therapy dogs but never with cats!

There was a viral story online about one autistic girl and her cat. They were inseparable. He’d even get in a bath with her! Our cats speak in tongues when I give them a quick wash. They literally meow “noooooo!!!”. Kristoff has never been trained to be a therapy pet yet he knows exactly how to quiet the troubled mind of our boy. It is fascinating to observe them interact with each


Behavioral update: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Booboo has never been more hyper! He’s literally doing all kinds of things that a neuro-typical child would have never come up with [sigh]… Since the increase of panic attacks and insomnia, I’ve been doing the recap of all possible scenarios that might have had triggered this regression process… I even decreased the dosage of Immunocal (glutathione) and green magic powder, as they are known for their energizing/ stimulating qualities. But nada. Perhaps it was the anesthetic used in dental office and the procedure itself (cleaning cavity on the upper molar and putting a filling), or fast food cheat meal. Why did we give in to our girl’s special request to have McD’s?! AGAIN!!! And yes, Booboo had those horrific fries.He used to eat them quite often, especially during a disastrous treatment with Strattera, while a few McD’s fries were the only “food” he would tolerate!

As I was driving myself bonkers, I was reminded by a friend it wouldn’t change anything. I should just press the reset button and start over, even if it means going back to the start point…

We are now on strict GFCF diet again, enriched with fresh, organic produce, smoothies, and no sugar or fries. I know progress does not happen overnight but I am optimistic. Time for some serious probiotic bomb, like sauerkraut and other fermented veggies. I want to get our guts healed before moving to the States. We still have some time to achieve that!

And hey, big day for American people! Don’t worry, I will not discuss politics in here. I just pray God would give wisdom and guidance to the ones that go and vote today. It really does matter who becomes the next POTUS. Especially when it comes to Autism and our freedoms…

There is so much to be grateful for every single day! I am truly blessed beyond measures.