Steakhouse, anniversary and perfect children

December 7, 2016

Anniversary with kids

Anniversary with kids

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we might have hit a jackpot! The great packing has begun. I am trying to have all our businesses sorted before next week’s exodus. As I was running around the house like a headless chicken, I was hoping Booboo would find some cartoons entertaining enough to sit still for 10 minutes. Of course he would not, but lo, he was flipping through channels and stopped on Food Network – cooking show. I’ve never seen him so focused. TV Chef was chopping onions, garlic and herbs, pouring olive oil in the pan, adding all chopped ingredients… As you can imagine, we both ended up sitting down and watching the whole process of sizzling deliciousness. I know what will be our “therapy” during this Holiday Season! My little chef found a new passion.

Every now and then I go through his tablet to clear cache and uninstall some old apps. What I found? Bingo – all kinds of cooking games and apps. I have a sneaky suspicion little Miss V. had something to do with it, as most of the apps are “pinky” and feature her favorite cartoon characters, ha ha. She just knows her brother so well. I should stop my daily chase and listen to my little teachers. So much wisdom there. 
The last three days we’ve been traveling a lot – closing accounts in different institutions and offices. Don’t you just love queues and very particular administrators/ clerks that are willing to check everything dated all the way back to your five past lifetimes? [sigh] And I thought Autism is a lesson of patience. Being on the road and in admin offices a lot means poor food options. Today Booboo had ASD spells that had been pretty challenging – pulling the roller blinds, curtains, jumping on the dining table, climbing on and in the fridge to name a few. The good thing is that because of all that Daddy Bear has finally realized that there is undeniable link between food we eat and our actions and how we feel, gut – brain connection. It is true! We are what we eat, or should I say we act what we eat. 

I must brag a little bit on my little ones. Last night we went to a really nice steakhouse. Daddy Bear booked a “quiet” section for us and we had a private room, although restaurant was very busy. I loved it. Plus we got coffee and desserts on the house – after all it was our 11th wedding anniversary. I was worried we’d have another “stressful” tantrum-ish evening, but I couldn’t be more wrong. Kids were behaving like the “perfect children” in the movies. I was so proud of them! Couldn’t have asked for a better date night.
Stay tuned and patient with me, folks! Good stuff is coming. Love each and every one of you!!!