Snow Day, Dreams and Insanity

January 17, 2018

Snow day, dreams and insanity

5:14am – our little man is up and laughing loud. Very loud (you know the kind - fake, forced, supersonic).

5:20am – I hear some suspicious commotion in the kitchen. My guess is it’s our Booboo digging through pots and pans to get to my “medicine” box, where I store all his supplements, including his very own “holy grail” aka Omega 3 gel capsules. Last night he got a handful of them, which of course shot up my adrenaline sky high. Frantically I tried to find out if you could overdose on fish oil. Whoooph! Relief! Apparently you can’t, unless you’re on heart medication.

5:23am – prepared packed lunch for Daddy Bear, brewed some java and made rice cakes with almond butter for our early bird boy. Then guarded bedroom door and made sure

Mike would not disturb beauty sleep of the rest of our crew.

6:03am – “It’s late! Are you off today?” – I asked, after having all the food and coffee ready to go. – “No, but I don’t leave till 9am. And if it keeps snowing, they might cancel today all together”.

Fantastic! Snow day! Read: no school day and no rest for the weary, haha. It’s only 7am? Seriously?!

It’s been a while since my last post… A lot of changes and progress! As you know, leaky gut, deficiencies and allergies forced us to change our menu drastically. I had to be creative, as even some of the “healing” recipes included eggs, bananas, yogurt, grapes, etc. We have agreed as a family that we would not get any food that Booboo was allergic to. This way we would limit frustration, feeling of injustice and the hassle of chasing our boy every time he’d go to the kitchen.

9:51am – “I want chicken!” – how can you say no to that, right? Normally I would marinate it for an hour, then coat it in gluten free flour with added celery salt, paprika (another allergen in our case), turmeric and black pepper, then dip it in a whisked egg and coat it again in flour. Booboo loves battering – the crispier and the thicker the better. So how do I do it now? “Teriyaki” style! I buy the non-GMO, organic teriyaki marinate and pour it generously over the dead bird, massaging it in thoroughly. Wait 10-15 minutes, prepare my flour with slat, turmeric, black pepper and coat the tenders. I fry them on medium heat and voila! We get an amazing teriyaki chicken a’la Mama Bear. Main thing, he loves it.

On a completely different note, I woke up angry at my husband because of what he did in my dream. First of all, I dreamed in black and white, which was pretty cool. Secondly, my dream was too realistic not to get angry, so I told him about it. As you can imagine, he laughed, which stirred me up even more! It’s almost noon and I’m still mad! Lol! So happy it’s a snow day and we get to spend the entire day together, loving on each other and the precious little ones… Lord, mercy! Ha ha ha