Reshuffling our priorities

November 1, 2016

It’s been such a rough week, and not only because of our common cold… Oh man, I can barely see what I’m typing. My eyes are filling up with many tears right now. I’m sure other APs will know what I mean, when I say my Booboo has been “nonstop”. I don’t know if it’s because of corticosteroids or another factor that triggered this spiral downfall.

I wish this could be a post on yet another achievement and massive milestone… We are 10 steps back, maybe 20. Booboo has been having problems sleeping, waking up at 3-4am whining and growling. He’s less verbal and experiencing more pica compulsions. We temporarily gave up healthy cooking, as we were all feeling horrible, so take-away or drive through became our only options. I don’t put all blame on the food we’ve had or the nebulizer treatment. I know external factors played a great role in the overall equation of this nightmare.The most heartbreaking part for me was Booboo’s panic attack. He started hyperventilating and whining. Then cry grew into scream and we had a full blown meltdown. I had no idea what caused it, as everything seemed “normal” – no sensory triggers, no loud music or TV. His sister was at school… He was gasping for air, looking in my face with fear. I talked him into breathing slower and tried to stay as calm as I possibly could (yet terrified inside). That has been the worst experience by far. I know he’s anxious

about his routine being messed up, grandparents not being here and him being stuck at home with me all day… That’s why we need to do something about it. We reshuffled our priorities and decided to move soon, irrespectively of our house sale. The wellbeing of our boy is at stake here. I know by now that God always provides wherever He leads. And I’m resting in this promise today…

I have to run – Booboo knocking all the chairs down and pulling the curtains. Like I said, he’s been nonstop. Looking forward to the end of this day, this month…

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