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Medical Cannabis Company Conducting Research Into Treatments for Autism

Research into the cannabis compound CBD as a potential treatment is currently ongoing, though early studies and anecdotal evidence have been promising. Zelira Therapeutics LTD., a therapeutic medical cannabis company, is now working to develop cannabis products that could be used to treat autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other conditions.

“The world at large is increasingly accepting as conventional wisdom that cannabis really is a diverse and vital element of natural medicine,” Zelira’s chairman Osagie Imasogi said, according to a May report by

“The list of scientifically legitimized medical applications of cannabis to treat some of our most debilitating health issues continues to grow,” Imasogi said, “but there remain many mysteries of how and why. In order to most effectively treat patients, more and expanded research must go hand-in-hand with expanded access.”

In its report, Benzinga said Zelira’s research initiatives, focusing on autism, insomnia, and opioid reduction, are being held in both Australia and the United States.

“Zelira is more focused than ever to deliver clinically validated, safe and effective medicine to patients of all ages in the United States and the world,” said Dr. Richard Hopkins, Zelira’s Managing Director in the U.S.


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