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Massachusetts Police Officer “Lights It Up Blue” For Young Neighbor With Autism

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted the daily routines of countless people across the country, including young children with autism, for whom routine and stability is especially important. Kenny Almeida, a K-9 officer with the sheriff’s department in Bristol County, Massachusetts, participated in April’s Autism Awareness Month by “lighting it up blue” for Brady Laviolette, his young neighbor with autism. According to a report this month by, Brady’s mother, Kristin Laviolette, said her son’s routine is “completely out of whack” due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in school closures throughout the U.S. Laviolette said Almeida, who has watched Brady grow up and seen his progress over the years. “I know we’re all stuck inside right now, so I figured I’d light it up blue for him,” Almeida was quoted as saying. “I just wanted to make his day and mark Autism Awareness Month.” On Sunday April 5th, Almeida told Kristin Laviolette and her husband to bring their kids to the window. He then pulled into the driveway and lit up his lights blue for Brady. Once the Coronavirus subsides, Almeida said he would “love to have [Brady] out to check out the cruiser,” he said. “He’s a big fan of law enforcement.”



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