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Joshua School, Nonprofit for Children with Autism, Struggles Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented a major challenge for many schools throughout the U.S. The Joshua School, a Colorado-based nonprofit serving families with children with autism and other developmental conditions, is also struggling to stay afloat. According to a report this month by CBS Denver, Kari Ansay, whose son recently graduated from the school and whose daughter is currently a student, described it as a “lifeline” for her family. Ansay said her children have made substantial progress since starting at the school, including her daughter Jessica. “When she started at the Joshua School, she couldn’t even talk, and this was after her kindergarten year,” Ansay was quoted as saying. “So she was 6 years old, she couldn’t tell you her name. She couldn’t tell you how old she is.” Thanks to the Joshua School, Jessica is now able to do all of those things, and more. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has exacted a toll on the school, forcing them to let some employees go and to cancel their largest fundraiser of the year. The school is now turning to the community for support, hoping that they will raise enough money through online fundraising to re-hire some of those employees. “It’s changed the entire landscape of where we are, but we are working on those financial programs right now to make sure everything stays open,” the school’s executive director, Ed Nichols, was quoted as saying. “We are family, and I say that with every fiber in my being,” Ansay said. Source:


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