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Indiana Teen Creates Podcast Sharing His Experience With Autism

Although autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide, many are unaware of the struggles and challenges faced by those on the spectrum on a daily basis, as well as their unique talents and perspectives.

Sam Mitchell, an Indiana teen, is sharing his own experience living with autism through his podcast, Autism Rocks and Rolls. The podcast, which began in October of 2019, encompasses everything from the difference between friendships and relationships, to coping with change, which is a major obstacle for many on the spectrum. Mitchell explained that the podcast is as much for people who have autism as it is for those who don’t, inspiring them to overcome their challenges.

“My hope is to educate and enlighten people with autism,” Mitchell said, according to a report this month by My Wabash “You don’t have to struggle. You can overcome these obstacles.”

According to My Wabash Valley’s report, Autism Rock and Rolls has had 516 downloads since October. Mitchell has described the podcasts as “therapeutic,” offering an outlet to share daily struggles and challenges with other people who can relate, and might be in a position to help.

Mitchell’s mother, Gina Mitchell, said she is extremely proud of all that her son has accomplished.

“When you kind of have this challenge and sometimes you have this wall and you have an obstacle, to see him go where he has gone it takes the worry off of you a little bit with his future,” she said. “I’m just extremely proud of him.”



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