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Canadian Child Psychologist Offers Advice to Help Children With Autism Adapt to New Routine

Routine is extremely important for many children on the autism spectrum, making the disruption to daily life brought on by the Coronavirus outbreak even more challenging than it is for people who are not on the autism spectrum. A recent report from the Canadian news outlet CTV focused on valuable advice to help children and young adults with autism manage their routines in this time of need, when social distancing and self-isolation are required for public safety. Dr. Marcia Gragg, clinic director at the Summit Centre for Preschool Children with Autism, acknowledged the disruption the COVID-19 outbreak has caused in the routines of children with autism, and said parents must take care of themselves in order to have the creativity and energy to care for their children. “Parents need to make sure they are sleeping, they are eating regularly,” Gragg was quoted as saying by CTV News. “Get some social support, whether that is through phone, Face Time or any kind of social media that they can still connect with people.” She also recommended that parents do their best to create a predictable routine for their children, allowing them to play, sleep, and learn on a regular, fixed schedule. Lisa Gretzky, Ontario NDP's critic for community and social services, encouraged non-autistic community members to help by having a non-judgmental attitude, and showing compassion and understanding towards children with autism who might be acting out due to the disruptions in their routines. “Many of these families rely on medical supplies like masks, gloves diapers and wipes,” Gretzky was quoted as saying. “It’s important we keep in mind those people who may need those things more than we do.” Source:


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