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Accreditation Body for Autism Treatment Providers Introduces New Standards of Care

The Coronavirus crisis has placed significant strain on many families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, the accrediting body for autism treatment providers, has developed new standards of care for providers seeking to use telehealth. According to a report by, the new guidelines focus on organizational compliance, human resources, patient intake, clinical practice and technology, and privacy and security.

“Telehealth is a really powerful tool at this time,” Sara Litvak, BHCE’s CEO, said. “There’s definitely a large majority that have moved to telehealth … and we needed to address that.” Litvak estimated that, prior to the Covid-19 emergency, 5 to 10% of ABA providers in the U.S. had adopted telehealth. A recent survey of 300 providers found that the number had increased to 80%, with 65% moving exclusively to telehealth. Litvak believes telehealth can be extremely useful and constructive in helping individuals with autism and other special needs. “A lot of (patients) actually really love technology,” Litvak said. “Telehealth can be really impactful in working with them.” Source:

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