Our “normal”

November 16th, 2017

Our "normal"

My children are strange little creatures living a strange little life together with us. I was talking with Daddy Bear the other day about our “normal”. Holiday season is upon us! Just like that! You know… when you turn on the TV and see all these cute family centered commercials, lady snuggling up under her man’s blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in her hand. There are twinkling lights on a tree somewhere in the background, fire in the fireplace; cheerful yet calming music playing softly, as the happy couple watches their children playing neatly with their new toys and each other. Harmony and holiday cheer! Of course I couldn’t help but make a comment/ observation: “Yeah! Like that’s normal!” Daddy Bear immediately picked up my loony tune, turning our “holiday vision” into a full time insanity, as we began reminiscing the past

years. Because what is “normal” in a very ASD world like ours?  

Let’s go back in time and share a few of our “precious moments” – our “normal”, shall we?  There is never such a thing as a clean outfit that would last more than 2 hours when the food is around. Booboo needs to stick his hands in everything. It’s cute and adorable when a 1 year old does it out of curiosity but when a pre-teen does that, then not so much, huh? So… all the amazing food, especially desserts need to be put away, hidden in a safe place until it’s time to eat. And even then it’s like “eat fast or don’t complain if you see “fingerprints” on your piece of pie”. Do your kids do that too?

It was two years ago, we had some friends over to hang out, play games and watch a movie with us. They knew about our “situation” with the big A, but had no clue what it was like in real life. The guys were sharing KFC bucket. Unaware of our Speedy Gonzales aka “Chickenator “, they just sat at the table, ready to eat. And as they carefully placed chosen pieces of a bird on their plates and reached for some slaw to go with it, Booboo ran through the table swooping all the chicken into his “ugly sweater”. The consternation and shocked looks on our friends’ faces were priceless.  Of course we chased after him and got some chicken back… But how do you offer a “rescued” chunk to your guests? Pizza it is, haha.

Oh, and all the things you can hear over the holiday season (and not only then!),like: “Come and get him. He’s eating the wall again! My hands are covered in flour! Nevermind! We have a flour situation! Daddy!!! Help!!!”, or : “No hitting! Soft hands! I said SOFT HAAAAAANDS!!!”. People say I have powerful lungs, ha ha. We could be Italians, you know? We are a very loud family indeed.

Oh, and that cuddling together on a comfy sofa scenario, watching kids playing so sweet, while we’re holding our cups of cocoa… How do I say that? Bwahaha!!! That never happens! Holding a cup with any hot beverage in our household is rather risky, as our strange little creatures are unpredictable. They are all jumpy and frolic 24/7! Wall to wall carpets are a missed idea in the ASD world. Am I right or am I right? Ha ha!

I’d love to know what your holidays look and sound like. Send me your stories and keep smiling! Life is too short to frown!