On a Quest to Find Healing

October 16, 2017

Another day on the autism rollercoaster! School – I guess we can say it’s been OK-ish, however the last few weeks have been difficult. I was trying to figure out the reasons behind Booboo’s regression, aggression and pain. There are many factors that might have contributed to the overall decline, like going to the dentist and having laughing gas mask put on for the first time in his life, ergo brand new sensory stimuli. Perhaps the cherry smell of nitrous oxide was reminding him of the anesthetic that he had received before surgeries in the past; all combined with fear of the possible same traumatic experience and pain… He used to enjoy having his teeth checked and worked on. My gut feeling was telling me to say no to the whole idea of laughing gas experience, but I agreed to use it nonetheless. We left the office slightly traumatized, although the staff and doctors have been nothing but friendly and professional.  Another factor contributing to Booboo’s behavioral issues and out of whack sleeping routine might have been antibiotics, which he was prescribed by a doctor prior to his tooth extraction (which

never took place!). As you all know, antibiotics may trigger intestinal inflammation, resulting in stomach pains, cramps, diarrhea and overall ill feeling, especially with kids on the spectrum, whose GI tracks are very sensitive.  Michael was waking up screaming and crying, which was his way to communicate that he was in pain. Hopefully probiotics he’s been taking, combined with our healthy diet, will eventually heal the damage caused by Amoxicillin.

Speaking of healing, we’re super excited and hopeful, as we’re about to travel across the country to participate in a NAI program, treating all kinds of neurological disorders. Our Mikey will receive four treatments targeting specific neurological areas responsible for speech and language, as well as fine and gross motor skills, and overall muscle tension, anxiety and other problematic issues. I will write more about it next time, describing in detail our experience.

In order to be fully prepared for this adventure, we had to plan all the logistics, like booking hotels, checking available flights (yikes!), thinking of each day’s menu for our little guy, etc. It will be a long journey! Last time we were flying, Booboo had a meltdown, right after we landed. I had to lie down on the floor with him in the luggage claim area, while other passengers were walking by, staring at us. Stressful experience to all of us! Since we couldn’t find any direct flights, or indirect ones with 3 seats in a row, we decided to drive there. It will take 2 full days to travel one way! But we can always stop and get out of the car to stretch our legs, grab a bite, breathe with fresh air and have no curious co-passengers giving us “looks”, ha ha. I was joking with Daddy Bear that we’ll be like the Griswolds from National Lampoon’s Vacation – American road trip across many states, singing in harmonies, driving kids crazy, biting our tongues and grinding our teeth through nervous, frustrated smiles – oh boy! We’re up for some serious fun! Wait, was it my idea? Oh well, too late to change that.

Our Awesome GOD has once again made a way for us, for our boy! When you pray, in faith, He answers!

Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay tuned for more news!  Like my Facebook Page to receive updates and notification when we go live streaming. Love each and every one of you! Don’t ever give up hope!