New Year’s Resolutions and Solutions a.k.a. Answered Prayers

January 5th, 2016

Let me dry my eyes first… You know the saying “my cup runneth over, I must drink from a saucer”? That’s us. We really do feel like the window of blessings opened up wide and it’s raining down on our little clan  even our Bonnie. Our Labrador has found a “boyfriend” just three houses down from our place and now she spends most of the day with him. However, that was not our main blessing, ha ha. The biggest answer to our prayers has come today. We have contacted several schools in a district yesterday and enquired about options for our babies. I am still in awe of how quickly things are moving over here, and how supportive the school system is. Our first appointment was at 8:15am this morning and Miss V. was welcomed in immediately. She loved her teacher and made new friends right away. Both Daddy Bear and myself fell in love with the school as well. We actually wished we could be young again to attend their classes. All kids use iPads and MacBooks, learning experience is truly on another level! After making sure our little girl was OK and happy to stay in her class all day, we had a great talk with school principal and teachers, that work also in other schools in a district. We could not be happier. Such a warm welcome! We visited a couple of schools that could potentially enroll our Booboo Bear. My my! The last one we saw blew our mind. I mean

literally it exceeded our wildest expectations. They had the answers to all our concerns and worries, like escape tendencies, pika and the fact that he was mostly non-verbal, before we even mentioned them! They walked us through the facility, let Booboo run and get familiar with the place, ride an awesome bike in the gym, flop on the fitness ball and chill on the balance swing. As you can imagine, Booboo felt super happy. He immediately bonded with his teachers and checked out other students (from a safe distance, of course).  It is still fresh, as I’m writing this, so forgive me if my post seems chaotic and choppy. I just want to share with you all the good points, before I forget anything  (my memory is fantastic because it’s short).

Booboo will be in a class that offers a great program. They will teach him more “up to date” communication skills, provide OT, speech and language therapy, horse riding/ horse therapy once a week, swimming classes (which our little fish will love more than anything, I’m sure) and so much more. I am really happy seeing both our babies leaving their schools jumping and skipping from excitement, as if they won a lottery. I know that there will be better and worse days as the school year continues, but as for today it’s been one of the best days of our lives!

We’ve prayed about it for so long… Aaaah, I can feel adrenaline dropping. Now it’s time for another coffee.

P.S. My new year’s resolution was to cut down on caffeine intake. So far so good, right? Ha ha.