Neuro-acupuncture: Our Story


Neuro-acupuncture is truly transforming the lives of many patients, including our son’s. This fairly young technique, combining Eastern Chinese Medicine (including Traditional Acupuncture) with Western Neuroscience helps people suffering from Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Neurological disorders, Parkinson’s, Chorea, MS, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain Conditions and Autism. In most cases, the results are visible after just one treatment!

Our adventure with Neuro-acupuncture began a year ago when we participated (as patients) in the Comprehensive Training Level I, organized by Nero-Acupuncture Institute in New Mexico. We couldn’t believe the change we eye-witnessed in Michael’s behavior and overall focus. His speech has improved – still majorly non-verbal but communicating through words and short sentences.

This year was even better, as we got to participate in the Comprehensive Training Level II, experiencing more advanced techniques. Doctors and practitioners from around the world gathered to learn how to reverse various neurological conditions, including autism. Michael was one of the two patients on the spectrum. The first treatment was quite traumatic, as we had to restrain him to let a doctor do his job. The auditorium was filled with many people who watched, discussed and took pictures and videos of the session. Even we felt a bit anxious, which I’m sure also affected our Booboo. As soon as the needles were placed in his scalp, we went upstairs to our hotel room to let our boy vent and calm down.

It didn’t take two minutes when screams turned into quiet words demanding candy, and a frown turned into a smile… Calmness filled our room. When we went back to the auditorium, seeing Michael so relaxed and giggly shocked everyone. He looked around, while analyzing people’s faces, hugging Dr. Hao, and demanding a long walk.

The second day was completely different. We barely had to hold our Booboo Bear, because he knew this treatment was helping him. Just between us, I think he loved all the attention and admiration. Both Daddy Bear and I were spoiling him, taking him to the swimming pool, long walks, exploration of the surroundings, and Wholefoods (aka “healthy” snacks unlimited). It was a bonding time for us three. Our baby girl had to stay home this year due to her exams at school.

After almost a week, we have completed five treatments and drove home across the States. It was an adventure but Michael was as sweet as he could be. He would admire the world outside – buildings, trees and how they changed colors, or how night-lights of the big cities illuminated in his eyes… His focus was 100% on. He used words to communicate his demands, and in a very polite manner – whispering.

On our way to New Mexico, he would scream and pull my sleeve shouting “goh-gap!” (read: burger). Daddy Bear would say “You won’t get anything if you scream. Ask nicely,” to which Booboo would get even louder, on the verge of a proper temper tantrum. However, on the way back, every time we would take an exit from the highway to get a coffee or use a restroom, he would sit between us and put his little hand in front of his mouth whispering: “I gho goh-gap, keez” (read: I want a burger, please). As you can imagine, this made us all fuzzy and a bit emotional. Folks, neuro-acupuncture really works, if done correctly.

The good news is that there are now many practitioners around the country who were trained by our doctor and are certified to help patients through neuro-acupuncture. How long the results last? Well, it depends on the individual condition of each patient. We were advised to continue treatment for a few more months. which we plan on doing.

If you have any questions, I recommend visiting their official website, where you can find all the necessary information regarding treatments, see some videos and learn about the upcoming training sessions. Go to: