Miracles, Awakening and Neuro-Acupuncture

October 30, 2017

October 7th 2017, around 4pm. All I remember is hearing “Get your bags packed! Michael has been approved for neuro-acupuncture treatment in New Mexico. It’s gonna be amazing for you guys!”

We have been in contact with Dr. Sunil Pai, MD for the last two years or so. And yes, we have briefly discussed this fairly contemporary technique, which evolved from a combination of ancient eastern medicine and modern day neuroscience, but I have never thought it would be the very treatment we would go ahead with, to help our boy.

One phone call plus huge leap of faith resulted in a miraculous awakening! Planning and booking our trip was exciting in itself, however driving for two days with both of our children in the same car seemed like a pure madness, ha ha. Overall they behaved exceptionally well, although we’d had some brother-sister fights along the way. Hotels we stayed in had indoor pools, which helped us a lot! Booboo would be in the water every day, swimming for hours –

coping with the change.

Before we went to meet the doctors, I tried to prepare our boy by showing him pictures and videos of them, as well as explaining the treatment itself (needles in the scalp, etc). I kept saying “it’s gonna help you. Do you want doctors help?” to which, Booboo would reply “doctor help!” I knew there would be many doctors and practitioners in the audience, watching Michael’s treatment, as this was a training seminar organized by Neuro-Acupuncture Institute. Our boy was one of several patients with different neurological issues. There were people with MS, stroke, paralysis, cerebral palsy, autism, concussion, PTSD, Parkinson’s as well as brain and spine injury. It was amazing to witness healing in front of our very eyes!

October 21st 2017, around 10am. Big crowd, everyone’s talking, smell of herbal teas and possibly scented sticks or essential oils fill our nostrils. Cameras and bright lights straight in our faces! I felt a bit anxious, so I can only imagine what Booboo must have felt like. After filling out necessary paper work, we went straight in to shoot a short interview with the doctor. As expected, Michael was wiggling and laughing nervously, being very loud! Not sure how the final video will turn out. They wanted us to be ourselves and act normal. Well, that’s our “normal”. You’re welcome! Ha ha

Following our interview, we went into a big room full of doctors and practitioners. Michael dropped on the floor to seek grounding, which of course we let him do. Everybody was very respectful of his need to be left alone for a while. Then we were invited to come on stage and after a brief introduction, we shared our story and hopes for a brighter future for our family. Dr. Jason Hao, our neuro-acupunturist, was very quick putting 4-5 needles in Michael’s scalp. We then took him for a 10 minute walk to let his brain absorb the new signals and stimulation. He came back to the room all happy and calm. It was truly astonishing to see. 

After our fourth treatment, Michael has been counting on his fingers (which he never did!), counting backwards, reading random letters of alphabet and numbers, pronouncing words more clearly, drawing with his sister, singing songs with me and looking around everywhere we went. He’s been very attentive and affectionate. Everyone has noticed a difference in Michael’s demeanor.

An ideal treatment for autism should consist of 6 sessions spread within 3 weeks. We only had 4 squeezed in 5 days, due to our schedules. Challenging behaviors and outbursts of frustration are expected, as his brain is trying to “digest” all the new signals, as it shifts to reconnect specific areas responsible for speech and language, as well as emotional balance. It’s been only a few days since our last treatment and we are filled with hope, witnessing a miraculous awakening every single day! The best is yet to come! #United4Mikey