Importance of Sharing Our Experiences

Things happen for a reason – so that whatever we’d experience in life could help someone else. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care what people who never had a child on the spectrum think of best ways I should deal with my boy. I found it a lot easier to listen to advice of another AP (Autism Parent) or a person living with autism. Having an insight from someone like that is often more valuable than any scientific theories and “research” put together. I am privileged to know quite a few au-some individuals who keep helping me understand and help Booboo by sharing with me their experiences and points of view. We should remember that whatever happens in our lives could be a great source of encouragement to someone else, dealing with similar circumstances. That’s why when I meet another “new to ASD diagnosis” AP, I can honestly say “I’ve been there too. I know exactly what you’re talking about”.It’s so important to understand that things happen for a reason. We either both embrace it and put into good use (sharing our story with others who may be going through similar issues), or we get bitter, grumpy and hateful (keeping our experience to

ourselves, letting others figure it out by themselves).

Yesterday, after kids came back from school, Miss V. started asking questions about her brother, autism and her feelings. I caught myself saying “I know exactly how you feel”. Then I realized that was an unintentional lie, because I don’t. I never had to grow up with an autistic brother or go to the same school with him. I never knew what it was like to feel torn about inviting friends over to our house, fearing what they might think and, even worse, tell other friends about him… I literally had to hold back my tears when I realized the burden my precious girl was carrying. She’s such a trooper, toughest 6 year old I’ve ever met, and yet so petite and fragile… It made me think of all the support groups for the siblings of the autistic kids/ adults. She’s still very young but knowing someone who’d be dealing with sibling’s ASD, could be truly encouraging. As a Mama Bear I feel obliged to focus on my daughter now. Autism does not affect just the individual with diagnosis. It affects the entire family…

No matter what you’re going through in life right now, can be a huge blessing to someone else.