Home sweet home – our flight adventure

December 20, 2016

We’re finally here!!! Good ole North Carolina. Our first hour in America was filled with all colors of the meltdowns. We knew it was coming as soon as the plane had landed. Commotion as all the passengers were getting up, moving stuff around, talking loud, blocking the passage in the isle… Even I felt anxious and irritated. We put our coats on to carry as few things in our hands as possible. Of course the airport was well heated, which increased our perspiration to the max. As you can imagine, that didn’t help keep kids calm and relaxed. We were rushing with the rest of the crowd towards the exit and passport control. In order to get there, people were being queued in a maze,

moving slowly in a zigzag manner. That picture made me think of the Temple Grandin’s famous slaughter house and cattle walk stalls… Booboo was whining, sweating and hiding his face from onlookers. Daddy Bear in his aggravation was ready to snap at any curious George that was starring at our poor little guy. Yup, he was about to lose it and we knew it. Faster breathing, increased perspiration, general frustration… He was trying to lay down on the ground but of course it was impossible, as we had to keep moving through this crazy maze. One, two, three… MELTDOWN! Booboo just collapsed and started screaming his lungs out. Security guard escorted us to priority booth and helped us get through customs… Thank God for that!

Another fun part was collecting all of our luggage (yup, all 7 massive suitcases!). That was fun.  I had to just lay down on the ground with Booboo as Daddy Bear was fetching our suitcases from the super fast moving “carousel”. I managed to calm our boy by slowly counting and applying gentle pressure on his arms, legs and head… Success!!! By the time we got all of our belongings, we were all ready to see our family that was waiting for us by the exit. Precious reunion! Kids ran to their Grandparents and didn’t want to let go of them.

The following day we had to drive 5 hours to Atlanta to pick up our furry babies. That was a fun adventure. Poor cats and Bonnie Bonbon seemed a bit out of it (probably drugged up with some tranquilizers). What a difference comparing to tiny space in Cyprus. As soon as we let the dog out, she was jumping and skipping like a little puppy – thriving! Cats on the other hand have never been more stressed and neurotic. They refuse to leave the shed. I’ll need to give them more of our TLC…

Summing up, it’s good to be here and begin our new adventure.

P.S. After holiday season we plan on visiting a few schools and real estates in the area. We want our little ones to be back in school as soon as possible.