Green Power and Engaging a Neurotypical Sibling into an ASD Play

November 29, 2016

Watching my boy giving full attention to Disney series “Sofia the first”… At first I was politically incorrect and thought “hey boy, you cannot get a more girly show than this!”, but then started thinking outside of the box. I joined him on the couch and started watching little princess with him. I quickly realized the show is full of songs and there is a lot of background music throughout each episode. Duh!!! He loves the songs. He wouldn’t care less about the girly “princess” stuff. I quickly followed this trail and downloaded music videos on his tablet. Guess who was very happy. 

Another thing I’ve noticed is a desperate need for a friend. Booboo is someone I would call socially awkward – doesn’t seem to get etiquette and social rules. Since his baby sis is the only person he’s around, he is trying to engage her in a play. That is his play – bouncing on the big yoga ball or throwing pillows at each other followed by a super fast chase around our living room. He grabs her by the arm and drags her on the floor like a caveman. She’s often fed up and doesn’t want to play. 

We’re trying to encourage her to engage in playing with her big brother. She understands he doesn’t have any friends to play with, so occasionally she “sacrifices” and lets him watch silly DIY YouTube videos with her. Strangely enough, he is now watching these even when she’s not around, finding them amusing!

As we’re preparing to leave this lovely island, the kids are getting “too excited”. Perhaps it’s because we keep talking about our plans for the coming Holidays with the family, new schools, teachers and new friends… Plus the adventure of road trip to see some specialists across the States, who might be able to help us through proper detox, supplementation, chiropractics, acupressure etc. I’m not giving up! Never will, as long as I have breath in my lungs, as God is my witness!

We’re back on the “mean green“ juice. Booboo drank his glass super fast, meaning he truly enjoyed it  And it’s super healthy too:

3 celery sticks (I juice with leaves)

3 cucumbers

1 green apple

1 kiwi

½ lemon

2 Tbsp of Green MagicPowder (by Proto-Col)

Adding 5 drops of Super Fulvic Iodine (by Dr. Nuzum)

That’s all folks! You can check out Booboo devouring his juice and much more on my