Chaos and disorder

December 30, 2016

Have you seen the classic winter movie called “Home Alone”? It might as well be about us. Our family holidays could not have been more chaotic!

December 24th. Last shopping for presents, wrapping things we bought and shoving them under the tree… Forget about my traditional Polish dinner with 12 different dishes! No time for that! Everyone coughing, sneezing, babies crying or laughing. Everyone rushing, minding their own business and at the same time “watching” the kids. I swear, I have no clue what my poor stinkers had eaten throughout the day. I am pretty sure there was a lot of E-xxx involved (sugar 

Booboo and Bonnie on the way to NC

Booboo and Bonnie on the way to NC

loaded candy canes, gummy bears, ginger, more powder sugar cookies etc). Oh well, we are not claiming to be perfect. 

December 25th. The most chaotic day ever staring off with an early wake up call, as we had to dash to South Carolina to make it to church, where we were invited to play music and sing a few songs. Because it takes more than two hours to get there, we packed all our stuff the night before (or so we thought!).

– Make sure you take your quilts and pillows, because we’ll be staying there over night and they don’t have any extra bedding. And pack some food for the kids, so they have something to eat when they wake up.

– OK Mom! We’ll take it!

– What about the dog? Will she be alright to stay alone for 2 days? – added Dad.

– No! We gotta take her with us. Problem is the car rental stated in the agreement that dogs are not allowed.

– My goodness! So what are you going to do with her and who is going with whom?

– Maybe we should swap the cars and you’ll be driving our car, while we use yours to take Bonnie with us? – I asked praying they’d say “yes.” 

– We’re already behind schedule! We’ll be late! Let’s pack all bags and presents in the cars and go!!!

– Where’s Michael? – asked Daddy Bear.

– I thought he was with you. I am packing dog’s food and going to check on the cats. They’ll be staying in the garage, so need to put extra food for them too! Please go look for our kids! – I loudly asked.

– Has anyone seen Michael?

– Yes, he’s with me! – shouted visibly frustrated Papa Bear.

– Oh no! I forgot my violin! Gotta go back in the house!

– Now?! Mercy me! – growled Daddy Bear. – I am going with Mom and Dad and Miss V. in our car. You can drive with Bonnie and Booboo! We’re so late it’s not even funny! We’ll need to drop the dog off at my sister’s house before we go to church. She cannot stay in the car…

– [inaudible reply] – apparently at that moment I looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

We finally made it. At the end, we dropped the dog off at my brother-in-law’s house. We specialize in changing plans at the last minute. I honestly have more respect for my little boy, who got used to our chaos and lack of routine… It completely threw me off! But after church we had fun on the ranch, where Booboo was running, chasing his cousins and playing with Bonnie and his cousin’s puppy. Super cute! The next day we had to go to another party, this time in NC. Of course driving back and getting there on time was a challenge in itself. But summing it up – we loved it, just by being all together. Laughed a lot, sang songs and watched TV. Couldn’t have asked for more…