Birthday party aftermath…

Due to an apocalyptic chain of sickness plaguing our families, we had to postpone Booboo’s birthday party till last Saturday. And since it was a round One Oh, we wanted to make it really special. We had balloons, his favorite airplanes all over the place, his favorite tangerines, organic veggie tray, which to my surprise was not a big hit among the guests, haha. And then there were cakes, cupcakes (GLUTEN BOMB!!!), chips, all kinds of pizza with a plethora of melted cheese (CASEINE!) and drinks (no need to explain the fantastic “health benefits” of soft drinks). I gave in to the vision of a “fun” party, where Booboo could devour all the forbidden foods – which he did.
He will finally enjoy his birthday, they

said… It’s just once in a blue moon, so it won’t hurt, they said…Boy, oh boy, could we be more wrong! It started right after the party – uneasy, anxious, a bit aggressive, hyper, not listening… He was regressing in front of our eyes. That night he wouldn’t go to sleep till very late and was up a few times during the night. We felt like back in time, when he was 4. The next morning I stayed home with him because he had stomach cramps and was really sensory charged. Everything was triggering his frustration. His bowels were inflamed to the point of burning. It was pure acid coming out of him. He was screaming and hitting my hand when I tried to comfort him. He was in that much pain. I know I failed as a mother. I knew better! I should have never compromised on the birthday menu. Lesson learnt! When Booboo went to school on Monday, his teacher was shocked seeing such a negative change in his behavior. He would not focus on his tasks and would be growling and screaming, hitting and biting his thumbs etc. When I heard that, I wanted to kick myself really hard [note to self: I need more stretching]. Yet again, we saw an undeniable connection between guts and brain. Folks, it DOES matter what we feed our kids. Autism and ADHD and any other behavioral disorders are closely linked with the bacterial flora of our guts! It’s been almost a week and just now Booboo is back to his sweet and cuddly self. We got back to our routine and healthy eating, adding more probiotics, fish oil, glutathione and vitamin D3, plus our smoothies with coconut oil, bone broth protein powder, green magic powder, organic cinnamon powder, flaxseed, and fulvic iodine. It seems like a lot of “extras” but you can hardly taste it, as the fruit and vegetables are still the main ingredients of our drink.My humble observation: seeing so many kids with behavioral issues, aggression and ADHD, that are very swiftly loaded with psycho-active medications, which are masking the real cause of those issues, when very often it is a bowel inflammation that becomes a chronic health issue, spreading to blood stream and the brain… The healing doesn’t happen overnight! It’s a long process. And like with alcoholism – you are an abstinent and become healthier, taming the addiction. But when you break it and have even a small sip of strong liqueur, it causes mayhem to your system and the brain…So stick to your healthy diets and heal your guts. The rest will follow…

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